DIY – virkade vårblommor eller “Hawaiian flowers”


Den här otroligt söta virkade blomman är designad av Sarah London. Hon kallar den för “the Hawaiian flower”.

När jag fick syn på dessa vackra men enkla blommor för först gången på Pinterest blev jag helt kär! Personligen har jag svårt att se en koppling till Hawaii eller Aloha (mest med tanke på antalet blomblad), så jag har på svenska valt att istället kalla dem för “vårblommor”. 🌺

Jag tog kontakt med underbara Sarah för att fråga om jag fick översätta hennes mönster och publicerar mönstret på svenska. Till min stora lycka, svarade hon ja! Tack Sarah för förtroendet! ❤

For Sarahs original pattern in English!

Min tanke är att använda dessa vackra men enkla blommor i en sjal! Jag har dock precis börjat prova att virka ihop dem, så vi får se – det kanske blir något helt annat när jag väl är färdig!

Hawaiian Flowers – Vårblommor

Jag har som vanligt virkat mina blommor i…

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Valentine Doll             Valentine Doll

Welcome to my old blog! Are you looking for Santa Claus Free Pattern?

Click on the first image and you will be relinked to my brand new free patterns page on my official website Booletes!

Have fun crocheting!

If you have problems downloading .PDF file you can find the written pattern in my brand new blog too.

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DIY – Crochet Valentine’s Heart by BautaWitch


Crochet-by-BautaWitchWhen I finished my picture made by granny squares with daisies I had a few squares left over. BTW – thank you so much for the attention it received! Amazing! 🙂

As you know by now, I love hearts and who does not!? With the squares left over, I have now made ​​a beautiful heart just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you like it and want to make one, you will be pleased to know that it did not take me more than 2 evenings in front of the TV, to make it. Which means, you have time to finish it before Valentin’s Day!

Valentine’s Heart by BautaWitch

This pattern is translated to US English. Please remember that English is my second language and crochet terms is not something they teach you in school… 😉 Let me know if I have made mistakes or used “funny” words!

As always…

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Christmas Elves Pattern

AmigurumiBB by Che'Che'

Presenting you the Christmas Elves pattern!

Christmas Elves - AmigurmiBB

My intention was to make elf on the shelf but after some research I’ve done I didn’t really like them being mischief elves. I am more of happy and fun kind of person and having elves that might shave my eyebrows during the night are not the kind of elves I would keep around 😀

Furthermore, there really are some wonderful free Elf on the shelf crochet patterns available, and if you are really looking for one of them I am sure you have already started making some of them. If not, check the Raverly or Pinterest and get your free pattern soon.

For those that prefer nice house elves, that will bring you smiles and cheer your holiday season try making one of these little guys. Make them as colorful as possible. These are happy elves and love to be dresses in crazy…

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Crochet Pattern: Infinity and Beyond Broomstick Lace Scarf

Speckless Blog

When I was making this cowl, Nicky asked me what I was doing. And he thought I said “making a cow hole.” So now every time I pick up my hook, he inevitably asks me if I’m making another cow hole. Now I just nod and say “Yes, yes. I’m making a cow hole.”

broomstick lace scarf by specklessbroomstick lace scarf by speckless

Anyway, I really wanted a broomstick lace project with some meat on it – one I could really start to hone my skills on and get a lot of practice. And I didn’t want to make another cow hole. Since Tracy keeps talking about infinity scarves on the Joy the Baker podcast, I guess I have infinity scarves on the brain . . . so the Infinity and Beyond Scarf was born!

Are you ready for a challenge? Are you prepared to become a broomstick lace expert? Are you pumped for some drapey-lacey-goodness? Then join…

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Crispy Brussel Sprouts with a Garlic Aioli

Costa Kitchen

Crispy Brussel Sprouts with a Garlic Aioli 

Brussel sprouts have a really delicious flavor and are almost like a more flavorful mini cabbage. This recipe can be served as an appetizer (think updated artichoke) OR as a vegetable side. You can omit the aioli if serving as a vegetable side or you can offer it separate and your guests can spoon it over the top. I made this with pork chops the other night and my husband freaked out it was so good. He’s so sweet. 🙂

Also, you might be wondering why I’m using canola oil instead of olive oil. The reason is  because brussel sprouts have such a unique and bold flavor and I didn’t want it to compete with the olive oil. Canola oil also seems to crisp things up a little better too. I hope you enjoy!

For Brussel Sprouts:

20 Brussel Sprouts cut into wedges

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Even More Bucket Loads of Fun

Moji-Moji Design

Well, you can’t have too much fun can you? So after a few requests from friends in response to my last collection of Bucket Head bags, I’ve made a second set of different characters to brighten up your Trick or Treat adventures, or just to add a bit of holiday magic to your Halloween decorations this year. This time I have Frankenstein’s Monster, a Candy Corn Man and a Scarecrow to introduce to you.Bucketlineup2If your favorite character wasn’t included in the last set then maybe these will be more to your liking 🙂Bucket2

Happy Trick or Treating to all you Halloween Fanatics!

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