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Amigurumi Hippo doll

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Amigurumi Hippo Doll


Gloria , is her name 🙂

I found my self asked to make a Hippo for a friend, so i went looking didn’t find too many i really liked, the ones i did like had no pattern to work.

So looking threw pictures i set off to make this hippo come alive to share with others 🙂

To work this hippo you will need to know the Magic ring,and  sc2tog.

Also i crocheted the skirt on to the body, If you prefer another way then do that.

With the eyes i crocheted them , If you prefer plastic eyes then do that.

Lastly i made the skirt and socks simple, If you prefer a different st then do that.

As for the details on Hippo, do  any thing else you would like to do 🙂

What You Will Need

G Hook~ 4.25mm

Blunt needle ~to sew with

Stitch marker…

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Pammy the Piglet

AmigurumiBB by Che'Che'

And again we have little treat from our Facebook group. I try to encourage and post free patterns done by dear friends and amigurumi enthusiasts who make these for pleasure and fun. If you remember first one we shared this way was little Bianchina by Stefania Bianchi. She was accepted great and there are many Bianchina projects finished and photos shared on Facebook what makes me so happy. Really hope Stefania will come up with some new pattern we can share soon.

This time I can proudly present little Pammy the Piglet made by NVkatherine from Vietnam. This is her third free pattern. She also makes video tutorials of her projects and I will share you her links so you can visit and see her work.

She was very kind to offer this pattern to be presented and shared in my blog and I feel very honored and happy I have…

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